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Tweaking and tinkering with the 450 Bushmaster The 450 Bushmaster has become the new greatest thing due to new hunting regulations in several states. Recently the state of Michigan and Iowa allow the use of straight walled cases of a maximum legal length or specifically named. The 450 Bushmaster fits the glove of the legal arm in these states. The cartridge was originally designed to cycle in the AR-15 platform. It does a great job in the AR rifle system, but it is at its...
So what is “Wildcatting” in the gun world? It can mean a few different things to any gun nut, but most would agree that it is dealing with a cartridge or chamber that is unique and more than likely not a production chamber/cartridge. The “Wildcat” usually falls into a Research and Development or prototype category. This means experimenting like a mad doctor in the laboratory! Actually, there is a pleather of data courtesy of the World Wide Web to help in the load development and...

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