Products & Projects

Custom Bolt action Rifles

Utilizing a quality tuned action; J&J Precision will build a shooting platform to fit the customer’s needs. If a customer is not sure, a recommendation based on the intended use and specified caliber is all that’s needed to build that dream rifle that will last many lifetimes. What a great legacy to pass on to the next generation. A custom rifle can be built to suit the budget of almost any hunter. One bet that you can surely win on…….IT WILL BE ACCURATE!

AR Platforms

Whether tactical or hunting, we will build you a black rifle (Other colors too) to be proud of. The AR platform if inherently accurate and its uses are limitless. Whether its Hog Hunting with a 50 Beowulf topped with a HUD sight or a precision tack driver chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor……..ITS GOING TO BE ACCURATE! Look out coyotes…..we are building and gunning just for you….!!

AK Platforms

Arguably one of the finest and simplest battlefield rifles ever devised……it just gets better when customized. When people are looking for a defensive house gun in rural areas…I point them to the AK system. Equipped with the proper sighting and rail systems, it is a foe to be reckoned with! The 7.62×39 cartridge is a perfect fit and it will penetrate all aspects of a vehicle as well as all lower level body armor. The future for confrontation with regard to protecting your family and property is certain. Buy your custom AK now, why it’s still legal!


Making a Glock…Rock! The Glock pistol is one of the simplest yet efficient auto pistols of our era. With a few upgrades and components, this pistol becomes the weapon of choice for its intended use.

Sig Sauer

The finest, smoothest double action auto on the market…..gets even better when customized. Look for camo versions in the future. Our Navy Seals picked the model 226 for a reason!


This battle proven work horse is still the design by which all others are judged. Hand fitted bushing/barrel combinations, custom grips, sighting systems and accessory components distinguish the “plain ol’ 45” from one of our special custom units.

Specialized Platforms

Always working on “R&D” projects….latest example is the 358 hoosier (legal for deer hunting in Indiana under its new carbine law that allows a case length of 1.800). We make work fun!