Tweaking and tinkering with the 450 Bushmaster

The 450 Bushmaster has become the new greatest thing due to new hunting regulations in several states. Recently the state of Michigan and Iowa allow the use of straight walled cases of a maximum legal length or specifically named. The 450 Bushmaster fits the glove of the legal arm in these states. The cartridge was originally designed to cycle in the AR-15 platform. It does a great job in the AR rifle system, but it is at its best in a bolt or single shot platform. The reason is that you can load it hot! The cartridge design uses pretty fast burning powders like Lil’ Gun and Tite Group, so pressure can be a concern in a semi-auto action. Bergara, Ruger and Savage bolt guns can be turned into deadly deer and bear killers by ramping up the speed and using good quality higher BC bullets. I have been playing with a Barnes bullet that was originally designed for the 460 S&W. Remember when selecting bullets, that they must be .451” and not 458”. The Barnes 275 grain bullet will be a GREAT tree stand gun for deer or bear! It is a real thumper when seated in a case a head of Lil Gun Powder. My load zips along at about 2340 fps and produces over 3000 foot pounds of energy! The other load I have been testing is a hybrid that is manufactured by Bear Creek Ballistics. It uses a higher ballistic coefficient bullet that is 240 grain and travels along ant about 2550 FPS. All of my guns will group this load at less than 1”. The Bergara B-14 rifle will print them at less than ¾”! Very impressive indeed. So, if your traveling to Michigan or Iowa for big whitetails this fall. Pick up a 450 Bushmaster for your hunt. Top it with good glass that performs in low light (almost guarantee that your trophy of a lifetime will show himself the last or first 2-5 minutes of legal shooting light) and practice….practice…..practice. Should make a great 300 yard killer!

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